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Internal Medicine

The Internal Medicine course is one of the basic requirements of the MBChB program. It’s taught in the fourth and fifth years. The number of study hours is 610.
Rafique ElmihdiwyAbdelhakim Mostafa Elbarsha

Forensic Medicine and Toxicology

The forensic and toxicology course is one of the basic requirement of the undergraduate medicine program.
The course aims to:
1. acquire knowledge about forensic pathology and different forensic medical sciences.
2. Provide knowledge on the major forensic problems in the community that could face the general practitioners, and the way of dealing with them.
3. acquire knowledge of law in relation to medical practice, medico-legal responsibilities and medical negligence and respect for codes of medical ethics.
4. Acquire comprehensive basic knowledge of common toxic substances clinical presentation and management plan
Rafique Elmihdiwyfatma mohamed


Physiology Course Description
The Physiology course is one of the basic requirements of human medicine program. It is taught
in first and second years. The number of study hours is 213 hours. The course aim to : provide
our students with a thorough understanding of the basic principles of Medical Physiology.
Enable them to integrate what they have learned about body structure, biochemistry, and
physiology into a meaningful body of biomedical knowledge. Provide insights into the
pathophysiologic mechanisms of disease, thereby giving our students a solid foundation for their
future medical training and clinical practice.
Learning Outcomes
Knowledge and understanding:
1. Describe the basic physiological concepts of homeostasis.
2. Discuss the functions of the different body organ system
3. Explain how the functions of the different body organ systems are controlled.
Intellectual skills
1. Illustrate the integration of the functions of the different body organ systems in
maintaining homeostasis
2. Depict the Patho-physiological consequences of dysfunctions of the different body organ
Practical skills
1. Behave professionally including attendance, punctuality, and preparedness.
2. Able to interact effectively with their classmates.
3. Recognize and effectively deal with unethical behavior of their classmates if encountered.
General and transferable skills
1. Use verbal language effectively.
2. Use effective listening skill
3. Facilitate the learning of other students, including giving effective feedback.
4. Communicate essential information effectively within their classmates.
Teaching and learning methods:
1. Lectures
2. Practical sessions
3. team based learning ( TBL)
Rafique Elmihdiwysamira elnaili

Histology I

Histology is study of microscopic structure of various cells, tissues and organs of the human body
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